4 Ideas For Integrating Smart Phones Into Your Marketing Strategy

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Smartphone users make up a large portion of overall Web traffic and are likely to increase as technology improves. Breaking into the mobile market now will ensure that your business will have an established foundation for present and future marketing endeavors. Use these four techniques to integrate smartphones into your marketing strategy.

4. Include QR Codes on Marketing Materials

A QR code is a machine-friendly code made up of a unique black and white pattern that stores information such as a website URL. Printed advertising materials were previously off-limits to mobile users, but QR codes are now connecting the two markets. By including them on your printed materials, smartphone users can scan the codes and be directly linked to a mobile website. This is a great way to offer exclusive mobile content quickly and efficiently.

3. Optimize Emails for Mobile

Android and Apple smartphone users have specific requirements for properly viewing emails on their devices. Cater to them specifically by offering a mobile version of your email marketing campaign that emphasizes important information and deals. Mobile email is a great way to engage your audience before, during and after company events due to the ability to quickly deliver content that is rapidly consumed.

2. Create Mobile Content

Mobile content differs from traditional Web content as it is consumed more quickly, meaning that articles must be shorter and content must be truncated to maximize screen space while highlighting important information. Program your website so that a mobile version of your content is automatically displayed when a user’s device is detected. If users have to deal with finding the mobile version of your site or reading content that is meant for a larger screen, you risk losing them in the future due to a bad first impression.

1. Develop an App for Your Website

Having an app for your business is the best way to reach a mobile audience as they are stored directly on mobile devices. However, the development process can be quite involved, so consider using SolutionStream mobile app development services for your business in order to receive a high quality, professionally designed app that will successfully deliver your content and overall marketing strategy to mobile users.

These techniques will enable your website to reach mobile users and engage them specifically. Smartphones are quickly becoming a major method of consuming Web content, so it is important for your business to engage these users with a successful marketing strategy.

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