4 Key Things that Make Cloud Web Hosting Popular

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If you’ve earlier encountered the phrase cloud web hosting, chances are you’ve been attracted to the word ‘cloud’ in its name. Over the past few years almost anything that is in some form or another related to the cloud, easily attracts attention of a listener. When it comes to cloud web hosting, the major debate centers around its differences in relation to shared hosting and its benefits over it.


It is important to note that, despite all their possibilities, cloud web hosting is not an option for every user. This is especially related to businesses and larger organizations that have more sophisticated needs in terms of hosting services. As a rule, cloud web hosting is regarded as the best choice for SMBs and one-man businesses, as it can offer plenty of features and possibilities at a low price.

These are some of the most commonly quoted benefits of cloud web hosting that make it a better choice than a shared hosting service:


This has already become a cliché when it comes to listing benefits of cloud web hosting. Still, it is an important reference to the potential of the cloud support. Scalability means that website owners are able to pay only for the resources they need, without worrying much about whether their website will handle large amounts of traffic. At times your website needs additional resources, cloud technology delivers server support and does not allow your website to crash, while you still pay only for what you use.

Which brings us to the second point:

Pay-as-you-go pricing models

This is a favorite option for owners whose websites get highly variable amounts of traffic. Let’s say you run an eCommerce website and you expect your visits to double or triple during the holidays. With cloud web hosting you don’t need to pay for premium plans during the whole year in order to ensure maximum up time at peak times. You can work out a customized plan and when the rush season comes, your website will have additional resources at disposal. You would need to pay a little extra, but you’re definitely spared from worry about possible downtime.


This is again related to the power of cloud servers to make up for the potential loss. Namely, in case one server goes down, another cloud server is ready to ‘jump in’ and take over the responsibility for your website. This is what actually enables cloud web hosting companies to provide better uptime than shared hosting servers and make your website constantly available to users.

Energy efficiency

An important issue that surrounds the trend of implementing more and more hardware equipment is the fact it negatively affects overall energy consumption. Cloud computing is famous for having environmentally friendly server farms that are built in such a way to save as much energy as possible. Though this probably won’t be your first reason to chose the cloud over shared hosting, some can have sufficient satisfaction with the fact that by choosing cloud web hosting, they’re actually going green.

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    Nice Post. Today Cloud Web Hosting is much demand either its Public cloud or Private Cloud, they mostly Share your Hosting, dedicated hosting for customized plan and when the rush season comes, your website will have additional resources at disposal.


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