8 Ball Pool Vs Howzat – Which is the most popular game on Facebook?

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According to a statistical report its is quoted that more than 50% of the time of the user is spent sharing updates, photos and socializing on Facebook while rest of the time of a person on Facebook is utilized in playing addictive games and using apps. Once a person plays any game through Facebook, it makes him send invitation and requests to other Facebook friends as well which eventually maximizes the players towards the game. This has resulted in a just right effective strategy to grab and engage maximum number of users and turn them into a regular player.

8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool by Miniclip


An amazing online multiplayer pool game with awesome graphics and real time animated effects, designed by Miniclip, is a game extensively played on Facebook with having more than 10,000,000 monthly players online. The game is popular because of the graphics and effects it has and the interface which is most important according to a player’s point of perception.  Adding along, it has got numerous features as well which have been the reasons behind the extreme addiction of the game. One can play online with any of the player worldwide through random selection or he may also challenge his own friend who is online at the moment. 8 Ball Pool also offers tournament sessions to the players which let them win different trophies, cues, tables and frames to add to the player profile.

Howzat Cricket

howzat cricket


As the bowler throws away the aggressive deliver of the bowl and appeals for a wicket he turns back to the umpire and yells “HOWZAT”! Yes we are talking about cricket over here. Cricket games have been a cynosure for the game players since a long time. Many video games years back were launched and played having cricket in them and were greatly liked by the players too. Howzat is designed by the ESPN for cricket lovers. It is an online game which has more than 500,000 monthly players who come and enjoy the batting innings playing high shots and hitting sixes and fours.

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