Big Data – Is this a threat or something?


Big data fear VectraSoft

For you Big Data is not a new-fangled word I’m sure. The hype of big data is hot enough today and is being the word of every mouth. Some say that big data is even bigger than the internet. With no doubt big data has certainly got to do with our daily lives. But the question is what the hell big data is actually? Let me discuss about it and make an attempt to convey you what actually big data is.

The Fact

Big data is nothing but us. It’s our capability to gather and analyze the overall data which is being generated on the internet daily. It is the human ability to gather and bind data from everywhere for some use or analysis.

Pro Big Data

Big data is a blessing rather than a threat to some extent. It gives us the advancement of carrying out many processes in just a fraction of a second for example, many medical issues can be solved such as cancer, or criminal attacks can be traced, marketing can be made easier as vendors keep an eye on your interests and activities and provide you with your favorite offers.

Anti Big Data

Big data has been a threat to security and privacy as well. Privacy can be affected due to this big data boom. Companies are using the big data for their promotions and efficient practices. For example, super markets using their loyalty card systems know much about the customer and respectively send them promotional information, Facebook due to its face-recognition feature knows how you and your friends look and can easily find your picture on the web, but, is this safe enough for us to provide all this information to them? That is to be thought well.

The Big Data can be of no harm if it is handled carefully by us i.e. we shall not provide that much of our details on the public forums where it may be misused, or if we are doing it so just for the sake of socialization, then we should take privacy measures in a strict way.

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