Bored of iPhone 5? – Wait is over for the new release!

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The 5S Gold

Apple has whenever released its latest handsets, has always amazed the users with advanced and classy features each time. But a drawback which leaves behind is that users in a less time get over with the innovation and start looking for the next big thing. Expectations always remain highest from big giants of Technology such as Apple Inc, Samsung and Sony. The latest released phone by Apple, iPhone 5 has set over all the drama and hype which was expected by the crowd to an end almost. According to a survey the sales of iPhone 5 have been slowed down perhaps due to the unappealing features and slight of the anxiety people having for the upcoming seed by Apple.


The unique Gold casing

The rumors are all over the air of the iPhone 5S which is going to be Apple’s next big thing. It is assumed that the phone is going to get released in autumn this year. The mouth-word about the special feature of iPhone 5S is its color which is said to be Gold. The secret behind this Gold logic is still unveiled but there is always a reason behind Apple’s new throw each time as it is listed as the World’s Top Most Innovative Company and innovation lies within every move of Apple’s creation.


Fingerprint Sensor – Do I really need it?

Let’s talk about some revealed features of the Gold iPhone or 5S. You are quite aware of the Siri Technology which 4S had as its core and USP feature, likewise, 5S is coming with a fingerprint sensor to the market. But the question which rises up in the mind is why would one actually need a fingerprint sensor? It’s a source of authentication for safer use of mobile phone as well as an alternative of entering passwords and touch patterns.


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