The Candy Crush Fever

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“Hey, which game are you playing in your smartphone? Ah! Please don’t tell me it’s Candy Crush!”
This is what I ask to my fellows when I see them engaged with their iOS and Android gadgets and mostly I find them busy and focused enough to clear the levels of the world’s most popular game app today, none other than, Candy Crush Saga.

Being Social

Candy Crush Saga is developed by King, the award winner for the fastest growing company in Media Momentum Digital Awards. Moreover, Candy Crush Saga is also awarded as the Most Popular Social Game. When talking about social games they have been observed to penetrate much more quickly among the people than just other usual games since they have a number of interactive associations for a player with another player on social forums. For example, the players ask each other for different kinds of help lives, or goodies or sometimes energy. This tends to make the game much more popular and without any input of extra effort by the game developer.

Oh, Have to clear this level!

Candy Crush has also been created as social where there is a number of online players interacting with each other and spreading the network of game much fast. The game Candy Crush has 500 levels with different strategies to clear each level which makes the players more engaged to the game. Players need life to clear levels and if the level does not get cleared in the required time, the life is wasted. These lives can be requested to have from other online players as well as every after 30 minutes the player receives a life through automated life timer.


The popularity of Candy crush Saga has reached milestones more than any other online social game. This game was also displayed in PSY’s latest popular hit number “Gentlemen”.

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