Another Drone attack on SEO Gurus:

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Google Penguin 2.0 – 4th Version is now been Updated 

Worst Come First

penguin 4 2.0Google is getting more selfish now a days and have already taken the bread and butter from lots of people by updating an algorithm over algorithm. Oh Man!! Not again, didn’t recover from the previous google hits and now another one, Urghhh!!

First Panda after that Penguin and now more enhancement in Penguin 2.0, R.I.P SEO Suckers!!! Thousands of so called SEO agencies in India and all over the world are now been closed.

Good News

  • Quality over Quantity will be the first priority, sounds cool right?
  • No need to do the bombardment of Backlinks, RIP black haters.
  • Gray hat and Brown hat are out of the way.
  • White Hat Rocks!!!

What’s New?

penguin-forecast by matt cutts

What to do to keep yourself safe?

  1. Diagnose all your Backlinks and remove the broken links.
  2. All those links which do not worth should be removed.
  3. Relevancy is the key to get the most of it, create backlinks having same niche as yours.
  4. Use SEO SpyGlass to do the work for you.
  5. Sometimes Search Engines suck and they don’t update their backlink databases; in return the backlinks which do not exist in real are still being indexed in Search Engines.
  6. So, when you are trying to diagnose the links according to Google it would be a big waste of your time by showing the non-existence keywords.
  7. Good news! it will not affect your site in Penguin update, but take your time, Use SpyGlass Software to avoid this.

Say Something to Sir “Matt Cutts”


We delivered what we have promised, Matt Cutts “Google Chief Web Spam Fighter” promises that the new Penguin Update will be arrived soon, and here is the gift, Thank you so much Sir!!

Hold On!

This is to everyone, Please check your webmaster tools. If you have access you can see a message showing unnatural or fake linking done on your site. It means an update has been launched. This is due to site-wide linking which would probably affect all rankings. Cheers!!.

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