Did iOS 7 Arrive To Sweep Away Other OS?


Apple Inc recently unveiled its new OS- iOS 7. The operating system has already become a big OS celebrity among the iPhone users. However it has been extensively rumored that this operating system will follow the same usability and features as of Apple’s latest released desktop operating system i.e. Mac OS X which did not appeal the user audience much as it was dull, less likeable, and flatter.


What’s new from iOS?


ios7- Apps Development


Keeping the features in view of the novel Apple operating system, there are numerous of innovative features which Apple has brought for its customers as always. Let’s check out what is new this time.

Major Features of the iOS 7

Quick Access:

Quick shortcuts to basic controls such as volume, Bluetooth etc


This feature enables users to share stuff with people around you


An updated version of the Siri Technology with new male vocal sound and a much more intelligent control to your device

iOS inside the car:

Smart iOS interface on your car navigation screen giving an advanced sense of GPS technology


A new feature of assembling and organizing your photos according to date, time, place and people as well as new shared photo streams

App Store:

Auto-update of apps for iOS 7 users


An updated music library with iTunes Radio where you listen, buy, add and share music with a long-lasting entertainment

Activation Lock:

This is totally a new feature which acts as an alarm for thieves. This feature locks your iPhone if stolen somewhere and will block the phone for reselling it.


App Development in iOS 7

IOs 7 Apps development
The app development for iOS 7 has already become hype for the mobile app developers. Having a lot of new features in the operating system is a luxury for the developer to play with their expertise. In my opinion iOS 7 will be a great platform for the developers to make the most of their app development skills and bring out more exciting apps for the users. So let us wait and check what could be brought to us by innovative minds and skilled Apple developers.


Are Blackberry, Android, Windows and Symbian out?

Well, it may not be declared that iOS 7 will beat the market of other OS as all of them have something special and distinctive in them due to which their users and customers are attached to them for a long time. However, it may not be wrong to assume that Blackberry and Symbian are going to have their graph down for not bringing such innovations as of their competitors.

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