10 Tips To Utilize Your Private Label Rights Effectively

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Before we go into the 10 tips to make money with Private Label Rights material (or PLR), you must understand that you must find good PLR material to begin with. Good PLR articles need not necessarily read well – but they must be well researched. If they are well written articles, that’s a bonus.


To get access to good PLR that will give you the rights to do anything you want with them, join the big players through Joint Venture websites, visit related forums, search on the Internet – take this first step as seriously as you would when doing keyword research for a niche site.

In most instances, you will want to rewrite the material because no one wants to be caught handing out duplicate content – others have bought the same PLR pack as you.

1. Flip sites

Do the necessary keyword research, buy a domain and hosting, set up a site (using the blog feature instead of creating it out of HTML and CSS) and populate it with rewritten PLR articles. Leave space for AdSense or something similar. Put in some free stock photos with each post. Make the whole thing appear like the attractive package it really is. Now sell it on Digital Points Forums or on Flippa. You could, of course, keep it for yourself, and that comes in tip # 2.

2. Create residual income

AdSense sites are easy to set up. Use the PLR material to create enough content on your site to rank in SERP and then make the occasional update. You can also create multiple blogs. Just remember to arrange the articles so that they can link to each other naturally to make the viewer want to click to the next article (and reduce your bounce rate). The major difference with the site you designed to sell and this one is that this should have at least double the content.

3. Up-sell and Down-sell 

If you are into selling Product A, there are two possible scenarios: the visitor buys, or they leave without buying. If they buy, offer a rewritten PLR e-book as up-sell to complement the main product. If they are leaving, offer a similar e-book as down-sell for a low price. You can also take it further and offer yet another similarly rewritten e-book for free just to get their email. You are leaving money on the proverbial table if you are not taking these steps, and PLR makes it ridiculously easy to create your system.

4. Resell

Rewrite the material into an attractive e-book and put it up for sale on Amazon or on Click-bank. Get your own team of affiliates to market the book, and you have instant author status! Remember to do keyword research before writing your book to make sure there will be takers for it.

5. Use in newsletters

Some newsletters simply contain teasers and links to the latest articles on your blog. Others have information. Make your subscribers look forward to your mail by including valuable information; simply copy-paste your PLR material in addition to linking to your articles.

6. Create an E-Course

This is similar to the newsletter trick; only, you are going to have to work at it a little and create the course so that it makes sense to someone who has enrolled for it. It should provide enough value to make it worth their while, and leave out just enough so that they feel inclined to consider spending on your paid course (yes, you should also have a paid course with more information for which you may have to go beyond the PLR material).

7. Create reports for your affiliates

This is easy peasy when you have a bundle of PLR articles to use. Use rebranding software to insert individual affiliate’s links in the report and ask them to distribute it for free as part of their marketing strategy.

8. Build authority

Write on Wikipedia using PLR material. Link your site as one of the sources. In case you didn’t know, Google counts Wikipedia links as high authority backlinks even though they are no-follow. This will naturally boost your traffic and ranking – can sales be far behind?

9. Create study notes for students

Do you coach students on a specific subject? Get ahead of your competitors by using PLR material on your subject to create study notes. Your students will love you – they all love NOTES!

10. Use in Offline Marketing

People still read newspapers. If you can grab a column of your own, or even manage to get a publishing spot in one or more of them, use the PLR material to write authoritative articles with your site name mentioned along with your author signature. Note: make your domain name easy to remember and type in if you seriously pursue this as part of your overall marketing strategy.


Good quality PLR material is like a goldmine waiting to be explored. If you put your mind to it, you will probably find more uses for it. Just remember never to compromise on quality of the material, and soon enough, you will be talking about your own 10 tips to make money with Private Label Rights.

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