A Guide to Making the Most of WordPress


WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. It’s also a popular platform for making static websites. If you’re considering using WordPress, you should take into account some of the benefits it has to offer. What follows is a complete breakdown of the major benefits you can gain if you decide to use WordPress.

If you’re still wondering why it’s the most popular blog maker in the world, these are the main things it has to offer every user.

SEO Compatible

WordPress realizes how important SEO is to even the average web user. It’s why they’ve made sure all their pages are SEO friendly. You have lots of tools to enhance your SEO, including fields where you can enter in any Meta tags and descriptions. Since SEO is such an important part of marketing yourself, WordPress is the ideal platform.

It’s no surprise to hear one out of every six websites is created using this Content Management System (CMS)!

Free WordPress

WordPress was created by a company. It’s actually an open source platform anyone can manipulate if they want. Delve into the files and play around with the code as much as you like. Programmers have launched it on the Internet in multiple forms and the company just updates the original platform to maintain security.

Most of the templates and plugins were created by these programmers. It’s completely free to download and you can change it to suit your website.

Building Pages

You don’t need any prior web building experience to make your WordPress website. All you need is the ability to click a mouse button. It uses a simple series of clicks to add and remove pages. You can add images, text, and take care of all your SEO requirements without any real knowledge of how the web works.

Plus, if you do get stuck there’s a vast knowledge base filled with guides and tips provided by users.


Unlike other blogging platforms, you can add videos to your blogs. Whilst you need to install plugins to do it, most of them come with detailed instructions for installation and embedding videos.

Image Optimization

A common mistake bloggers make is placing images in blogs which aren’t properly optimized. You can use a variety of plugins to optimize the images for the search engines. You can even control how you display them.

For example, install a gallery plugin and you can create a gallery very much like a photographer’s portfolio.


WordPress doesn’t require any complex coding knowledge. To update your website, just sign in and make the changes. You can change an entire web page in a matter of minutes, no matter who you are or your level of expertise. If you really want to increase your efficiency, you can schedule new blogs to automatically upload at a certain time.

Some bloggers prefer to write a number of posts weeks in advance and automatically upload them over a set period of time.

Security Updates

One thing this CMS is good at is providing regular security updates. This platform still has a team of in-house developers keeping things steady. They’ll release patches filled with security tweaks to stop hackers from ruining all your hard work. Since they’re so regular, any hacker normally has to constantly repeat their process to hack your account. It’s rare to see them succeed.

Plugin Help

If you don’t want to rely on the official security patches, there’s always the option of installing one of the many security plugins made by users. They act as passive entities which increase the time hackers need to hack your account. Use a plugin which hides your version of WordPress and it can set any would-be invader back hours.


Spam is the biggest threat to your operations. As your blog becomes popular, the risk of being exposed to a spam attack increased. Reduce the chances of any spam comments getting through by installing a plugin. There are many of them around. For example, you can make it necessary for you to personally moderate every single comment before it appears on the website.

Author bio: Korah Morrison, working for College-Paper.org as a freelance essay writer.

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