VectraSoft is committed to provide highly skilled, trained and experienced resources to you. We have full time IT experts including professional designers & developers modeling your specific vision and concepts into high quality solutions in cost effective manner.


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In case you are not just interested in one project but want to have your own independent offshore team. In addition if you want to be sure that those people possess exact knowledge, skills, expertise and experience required for your projects and like to utilize their full time services then you are on the right place. We can assist you to form an exclusive team who can dedicatedly assign to your tasks and you can manage them from your office. VectraSoft accents the team building process as one of its key success factors. See below general step by step team building process:


Step 1 – Gathering Requirements

Receiving complete detailed requirements from a client (a client fills in our Requirement questionnaire).


Step 2 – Match Suitable Candidate

According to the received requirements we start searching the most suitable candidates. We use our own business connections; we look for best specialists in our IT pool as well as can cooperate with other IT companies and Personnel Recruitment agencies.


Step 3 – Interview and Testing

First we study the experience and qualification of the found professionals, and then test the most suitable candidates according to the set up requirements. If test results are satisfactory then we interview candidate further to ensure high quality and best suitability.


Step 4 – Live Client Interaction/Assessment

If the applicant gets our approval and validation, we organize his/her online interview (or testing) with the you so that you could judge the abilities of the employee and decide on his suitability by yourself.


Step 5 – Build Team

Upon complete satisfaction, we form the team as per your requirements. The team can also be sent on a business trip to your office/location for training etc. if needed. If there is no such requirement then team will start working on a development project and we will setup an appropriate working environment for them.


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