I want to spy on my employees!

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How would you react if you get to know that your employees are wasting time during office hours? Would you like to pay your employees for coming to office just to sit and relax the whole day long? Then get yourself alarmed about this since it might sound painful to you that such activities might be carried in your company as well. The best and easiest way to keep an eye on your employees is using a keylogger!


Key Stroking!


Technology has enabled man to deal with many kinds of issues and problems. Keylogging is one of those solutions which have been provided to us by researching on technology. If you are the boss of the company and you arrive late to the office, you definitely would not be pleased to know that your workers are sitting idle and are not as productive enough at your back as they pretend to be in front of you. Staying rational, taking rounds and tours, keeping an eye on all the team workers is not possible for a single person to do.


I want to spy on my employees!

If you are one of those irritated bosses, then go for keylogging. Key logging is stroking the keys on the keyboards with a key logging device which saves and filters each and every word and command which has been done by the user and the compiled data is saved in a hidden file which is accessible by the owner of the device only.

The Benefits

The key logging has resulted very useful in many situations, such as; parents keep a watch on their teen children who might attempt to access any sort of adult content, spouses can keep a check whether their life mate is cheating on them and even business partners can stay alarmed if any of their partners is planning a deceit.

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