iPhone 5, Wrapper of iPhone 4

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Apple experienced the wave of sadness with the demise of Steve Jobs, the founder and the Ex-CEO of Apple now. Steve Jobs was the intelligent man born on earth who took Apple to heights of success in his life. He believed in innovation and proved himself the most innovative technologist in the world. His innovative idea about Smart Phones changed the entire concept of User Interface. Steve Jobs expired on 5th October 2011 and iPhone 5 launch party was celebrated after the death of Steve Jobs which disappointed many followers of Apple.

Ever since the Apple came into functional form, the launch party of each product was of great impression but this time launching iPhone 5 was disenchanting. The way iPhone 5 was presented, looked not more than a wrapper of iPhone 4S. The new CEO of Apple presented the iPhone 5 in six different colors, nano sim technology, small charger port and etc. This presentation shocked the entire family of Apple which includes the working partners and the customers. Steve Jobs was immensely missed after the launch party of iPhone 5.

People around the globe have the gut feeling about the declining era of Apple in near future but still Apple is ruling the industry anyhow.

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