Apple Reverting It’s Map Back to Google


Iphone 6 featuresApple hit the market with IOS 6 recently, having 200+ features which created a wave of tangent for IOS Developers from previous IOS versions. IOS 6 had made many functions to deprecate and each time Apple launches the new IOS, the Developers had to worry about the techniques to get hands on to the new IOS as quickly as possible.

One of the astonishing features which attracted the audience was the welcome theme of Apple’s Map which showed Apple’s challenge to Google because previously Apple was using Google’s Map for each and every application. Apple had to face a shameful moment when the new launched feature of Apple’s Map failed and they all had to revert back to Google’s Map in order to allow the proper working of IOS Applications. Apple’s Software Engineers are still working to figure the inconsistency out which is bringing this feature to dead failure with passage of time.

Google is seeking most advantage out of this failure by introducing new Google Map App in Apple’s App Store which will generate more revenue for Google as compared to the time before Apple launched their Map.

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