Comparing Leading Gaming PC Brands

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Building your Gaming PC can be a difficult job, as it requires plenty of research and combining all the different components to create a powerful monster. If you are a hardcore gamer, building your own gaming computer can be one of the most rewarding things. One of the most difficult jobs in building such a powerful system is choosing the right company for different components. The following information should guide you through this difficult process in making the right choice.


Beginning with the processor, there are two manufacturers in the world of computer – Intel and AMD.  As a simple point, keep in mind that Intel processors are ideal for overclocking but they are expensive. AMD processors are relatively cheaper, but that doesn’t mean they are not good in quality. Overall, you can make the choice based on the company that has released the latest processor for gaming platforms. Without concern for the company you choose, make sure that the motherboard corresponds with it.

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The second component is the GPU, also known as the video card. Again, there are two (main) manufacturers in this category – AMD and NVIDIA. The cards from NVIDIA are designed for giving a rich 3D gaming experience. Many gamers think that 3D is nothing more than a publicity stunt, but playing a game with 3D can make things impressive.


Recently, NVIDIA released their new video cards that pushed the fastest video cards from AMD at the number two position. These cards enable three independent displays on the same card. However, AMD has its own specialty – a technology known as Eyefinity that allows you to plug three monitors to the same card and enjoy a 180-degree view of any game you are playing. That’s simply going beyond the basic gaming requirements of most gamers, even the most hardcore ones.


However, these technologies can help you see an enemy jet flank you on a side monitor in games like Battlefield 3 – an experience that is not possible with regular technology. Choosing the video card manufacturer and the type of video card is going to be eventually dependent upon your budget and preference. You can build your own PC if you


Then, there are many other components that support to make a powerful gaming computer. The motherboard is the next most important part of a PC.  In this case, as already mentioned, the choice of the manufacturer is going to depend on the CPU you choose. Make sure that the chosen motherboard has matching socket number with the CPU.

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If you want to create a highly powerful custom PC and fit it with more than one video card, it is important that the motherboard have sufficient number of PCI-e slots for running all the cards. Most people are challenged by the question of “how to build your own PC” When it comes to a motherboard manufacturer, Gigabyte and Asus are two of the leading brands on the market.


Most of the top brands available on the market make high quality PC components. The choice of any one brand is going to depend solely on your requirements, preference and any small variations that could do something better for the overall gaming experience.

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