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When people reside far away from their loved ones and relatives, the feeling of missing them encounters the person greatly. In such case people require a medium through which they can send their feelings and expressions to the loved ones in no time.


An expressive person today seeks for a mobile app which can send his messages and feelings to the desired person without calling the recipient in voice, just in right manner how he actually feels at the moment. As soon as software companies realized this need of the crowd, they started working on this and accordingly brought out different apps for this job.


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Smart Phones and Apps Development

Smartphones are penetrating in the trend with a high speed and the day is not distant enough when everyone in this world will be having a smartphone of their own. Technologists and innovators concluded after this that they should provide users a platform where users can do even much more than a regular SMS and with cheaper rates.


iPhone, Blackberry, Android apps

A number of apps today used for a better and broader communication can be seen all around us inside our smart phones, no matter if one has an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian or a Windows phone. Skype, Whatsapp and Viber are the most famous apps which are used for not just instantly messaging the far-living relatives but they also allow the user to share media through the app within a blink of an eye.



Skype is serving users the joy of video calling for the last 10 years. Not only this, Skype also has a feature of calling around 25 users in a joint conversation plus video sharing feature for premium users is also available.



An app launched by two Yahoo veterans Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 which in a minimum time outdated the trend of SMS within the users. This was because Whatsapp granted the users the flair of sending images, sound clips and video clips to the recipient within seconds and absolutely free of any cost.



This is another exciting mobile app for the expressive users who can right away call their friends and family from their smart phones and call them on voice without any call charges and limitation of call duration. All what you need to have is a wireless connection access to your smartphone.


Such apps have certainly facilitated the users with a better platform of expressing what they feel. Due to this particular reason, these apps are making users more indulged with the blessings of smartphones.
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