Texas is a U.S. state having major number of people, comprising of all kinds, adventurous, odd, backward, happening, and lively, young and old people. Being a busy state of the Worlds one of the busiest countries, people in Texas too had adopted the trend of mobilization long time back.


Mobile phones have played a prominent role in mobilizing the entire lives of individuals. Starting from communications and ending till large businesses, mobile phones have taken over the charge of many things which were being conducted by humans with more of effort and hardships.


Mobile apps are something which has changed the basic meaning of a mobile phone. Now people rate and rank the mobile phones on the basis of the apps and features provided by the company. the competition between the mobile phone manufacturers is limited and based on the app features because everyone today knows what is the best app to use and how well does that app should be provided by the app developers.


Designing an app is just like launching a new product or starting a business in a new market. When we start a new business or when we think of bringing a new product for the people, we first of all take a well conducted survey and analyze the need of people about what they actually desire. Similarly, app developers before developing have to understand the need of the users only then they can succeed in designing most wanted apps.


Keeping the advent of Social media in mind, app developers realized that everybody wants to stay activated on social media all the time since they have become highly addicted to the updates, posting, commenting and liking the issues, news and entertainment stuff.How they decided to create social media apps which are available on all the mobile app platforms; android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry or the Symbian.


Software houses which long time ago were known for developing different useful software which were compatible to our desktop PCs later jumped their expertise to application software and online software and then finally so far these software are being developed for our handheld smartphones, Tablet Pcs and other gadgets.


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