Should Kids Have Mobile Phones?

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Should Kids Have Mobile Phones?


If you ask most parents about whether a child should be allowed to have a mobile phone, the chances are you will be given a very firm answer. Mothers and fathers around the world have definite and often intractable opinions about this issue, and it would seem that overall the yes camp and the no camp both contain roughly the same amount of members. As always, such a dilemma is simply a matter of personal choice.


Among the reasons for not wanting a child to ‘go mobile’ the strongest is perhaps the question of security, Most modern cell-phones are of high monetary value, of course, and many youngsters simply don’t have a sufficient level of responsibility to keep them safe. After all, if they can leave their school bag on the bus two or three times a year, why on earth should they be given a phone?


There’s an added complication here as well, because being in possession of an expensive and attractive gadget could make them targets for bullies and thieves. The trauma that victims suffer when they are targeted is difficult enough for adults to deal with, and parents should be aware of the implications of such an incident when their own sons and daughters are on the receiving end.


It should be pointed out, however, that it’s not all about the negatives. Ownership of a mobile phone will bring out a strong sense of independence and responsibility in those boys and girls who are ready for it. When the time is right for a parent to entrust a phone on a youngster, the adult is basically sending a strong message that underlines how they feel about the child’s current stage of development.


Restricting web access is surely a must

Needless to say, the modern cell-phone is more than just a machine that allows one person to speak to another. With all the addons that a phone now possesses, the access to the Internet is perhaps the one that needs to be restricted. While most of us use the web to book holidays, chat to friends and compare car hire and home insurance deals, kids may want to explore areas that are best left alone. Therefore, common sense has to prevail.


A growing number of parents have come to realise in recent years that giving a child a mobile phone can actually work for the adults as well. With a phone tucked away in their pockets, any son or daughter can now be contacted immediately by mum and dad. A simple phone call or text message is all that’s needed to tell worried parents that their offspring is perfectly safe, a wonderfully helpful asset in the quest for peace of mind.


One concern for parents is of course the cost of a mobile phone, but as always there is plenty of choice on the current market. While little Johnny may want the very latest android model with all the bells and whistles you might expect from one of the world’s most innovative gadgets, mum and dad will usually think otherwise. Phones are as brand-conscious to kids as clothes, but everyone has to remain within their financial means.

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Paul Munro is from the UK and is a concerned, but sensible, parent. He uses his phone to compare car hire rates, update his social media profiles and check the latest world news.


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