Monsters going back to College

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Monsters going back to College


How about studying in a university teaching scary tips to horrify the children? Sounds weird isn’t it? But a Monster loves to be enrolled in such type of university. Pixar Studio in association with Walt Disney Pictures is registering the monsters of the town into the MONSTERS UNIVERSITY for the Fall session of 2013!

“Monsters University” is an upcoming American 3D movie which is based on a comedy genre. The movie is said to be released in June 2013. Basically the movie is a flashback of an old movie “Monsters Inc.” in which it was a story of two best friend monsters who work together in a company named Monsters Inc. and their core responsibility is to scare the kids.

The upcoming movie is actually a prequel of Monsters Inc. In this movie the flashback story of Mike and Sulley is screened of how they met in university times and how their rivalry turned into best friendship.

Monsters University is expected to become a big hit on box office and seems to drag the audience towards its success in a great deal because of its exciting teaser and story boarding.

Monster Uni Rock

Monster University

“Before going to work, the Monsters needed to be educated” this tag line is set for the prequel which creates a unique excitement for the viewers. The movie is said to be a complete comedy and all time fun which is expected to be highly enjoyed by the viewers.

The movie is going to be released in 3D graphics creating more effects of joy for the audience.

So wait on till June for getting your tickets booked for the show time! And get ready to get back to college with intelligent Monsters! Learn out scary lessons and tricks and check out how well these monsters score in their report cards. Cheers!

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