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The movies and TV are a great place to find office gadgets that are nice and high tech. The demolition man movie showed us that eye scanning is secure until someone pulls out your eye, and the Red Dwarf TV show showed us that hand scanning is only secure if you can keep hold of your hands. Still, there are a few items that you can keep around the office that are high tech and useful.

Gadgets for Office Startups


A live security system and LCD tablet monitors

These are better than you think because they essentially allow you to see everywhere in the office and out of the office in the same way that a security guard can look at monitors to see around the prison. Having big monitors in your office is a bit of a bother, but a few tablet monitors on the wall won’t annoy anyone. They are also good for the fact you can hard wire them to your office so that your competitors cannot tap the wireless signal. You can check on everywhere from your office. You can see the delivery bay right up to who is spending the most time near the water coolers.

Tablet devices that allow you to draw direct

If you ever watch the DVD extras on the South Park TV show you may get a sneaky look at how they animate. They have very large tablet looking devices that are leant upwards on stands as if the person were drawing a picture. They use their fingers and stylus pens to manipulate what is on the screen. Instead of using stylus pens on a pad to write, they write directly on the screen and can see the results of their drawing immediately. This sort of thing is a terrific gadget to have around the office if you can figure out a use for it. You do not have to buy a massive on like the South Park creators have.

A buzz-in security system

This sort of thing is now cheap and widely available. You can add electronic locks to your office so that you have to buzz people in if they want to enter. It is very handy if you also have cameras showing you who is outside when you buzz them in.

A singing fish

That’s correct, a singing fish, the type of thing you hear Jeff Foxworthy joking about. Put it in your office and tell people it is a gift from your kid. Remove the small motion detector and add in a mini camera. You can pick up the mini cameras from eBay for very little. It is a great way of recording your office when you are not in it, and nobody on the planet will suspect a thing. They will just think that it is the motion sensor on your tacky wall adornment. Even thieves will not think to spray it as they would a regular camera.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply

This will help you to stay in business during the next thunderstorm. Power cuts are not very common in the modern western worlds. The only thing that really takes us down is a thunderstorm. The lightening releases a large EMP discharge. This is capable of knocking out your power for a short spell. It often makes your lights flicker, but sometimes will interrupt your power and your computers all go off. This is bad for your computer and any unsaved work. That is where the uninterruptible power supply helps you by maintaining the power during these unscheduled blips.

PCs that links up in an internal network

This is just something that a modern office should have. You won’t even need to spend lots of money on routers. The most expensive thing may be the software and setting up the network.

A digital projector

This is a great gadget for showing people your projects. You can show your trainees new videos, or show your customers some demonstrations. You can even use it to make a point during your next board meeting.

A manual and digital safe

Buy yourself a safe with both a digital element and a lockable element. Even if the thief cracks one of them, he or she still has to crack the other and that sort of hassle may be enough to make them give up.

An integrated burglary and fire alarm system

This is a little bit like the buzz-me-in door lock in that it used to be very expensive but these days you can get a system like this for a lot less. It is a handy gadget and is professional too.

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