Vectra expertise

VectraSoft with an outstanding team of efficient IT solution providers offers a number of proficient and cost-effective services to its clients. Our area of expertise comprises of web and mobile app development services giving better solutions to your business IT needs.

Our well performed services include:

Mobile Apps

Mobile application helps a user to make the gadget more friendly and effortless to use. Now days, Time management is an essential domain in which every individual’s interest lies. Either it’s about personal and professional life scheduling or core requirement of business making things handy and easy is the prime objectives of mobile phone apps. Management by objective through technology is a slogan of mobile application development tools… Read more

Games Development

Trend of playing Mobile friendly games is common as it increases the mental growth and also provides the pleasure to the user. Coming up with the games according to the desire of the target users is the need of the hour. It’s vital for mobile game developers to not only tap the market need but also to modify the parameters on which the work should be professionally done… Read more

Web Development

The business cannot groom and flourish until and unless it has penetration around the globe. The most affordable, easy, and accessible way to attain the objective to be easily visible to all is though web application development. Local web applications developer does not have concurrent knowledge and up to date information about latest technology to create a web portal which is up to the market need and demand, a continuous learning and training is required to compete the market with maximum credibility and expertise. The whole impression lies on the first look and feel of one’s organizational web page because your customer will presume your image as your web page will identify, therefore it’s really important for the organizations to create goodwill and brand equity appeal to its viewer… Read more

Custom Software Development

Software application development is an integrated indispensable part of technological world currently. Earlier, people criticized that informal methods were generally more useful and fast resulting than the formal methods but according to the concurrent situation informality is an advantage. People are more casual and prefer works which are more informal and noncomplex in nature.There are varieties of standards available for software industry. A software development project or firm can chose the one that fits their needs, wants and demands for success and can get their firm certified but in a minimal and reasonable budget according to the current market trend…Read more

Facebook Apps

Facebook is over loaded with gazillions of application already available, there is a continuous race going on among Facebook applications to become the most well-liked Facebook application. Those Facebook aaps which are focusing on providing value to the user are the most famous ones. User will always go for the time verses benefit analysis, if the user is not contented with any of Facebook app he will never get back to it again but if Facebook app is successful in gagging user’s concentration for a long term the app is said to be trendy and influential. It’s really imperative to monitor the users need and want before moving to any Facebook app preparation… Read more

3D Modeling/Animations

We create quality 3D animations but these are not only animations because we introduce & build modern as well as creative concepts by camouflaging the atmosphere for real activation of 3D animation. We create 3D animations based on real logical themes. Our created 3D character modeling animations display and demonstrate real movement of lips and body parts and give great entertainment to the viewers who are greatly impressed by these. Furthermore 3D animations created by us can freely move in any manner and direction.

HaR (Hire a Resource)

In case you are not just interested in one project but want to have your own independent offshore team. In addition if you want to be sure that those people possess exact knowledge, skills, expertise and experience required for your projects and like to utilize their full time services then you are on the right place. We can assist you to form an exclusive team who can dedicatedly assign to your tasks and you can manage them from your office. VectraSoft accents the team building process as one of its key success factors. See below general step by step team building process: Read more

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