Vectra Soft expertiseVectraSoft intends to assist you not only for your organizational development but also to support you in taking technology initiatives to achieve higher business goals.

VectraSoft provides its services either on a project or long-term basis. Our services include:

  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Games Development
  • Flash Designing & Development
  • Web Designing & Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • HaR (Hire a Resource)

Custom Software Development

Custom software design and development

International IT market offers many off the shelf software products and solutions, which may be supportive for your business. But in case you cannot find a product that addresses all of your business requirements then VectraSoft provide you the best solution devise specifically for your business.

VectraSoft develop software at your request and take into account all of your demands and peculiarities of your business. As a consequence, the end software product is not only of high quality and performance, but it also exactly matches your organizational procedures, making your business processes easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Software integration and customization

Software customization is used to make an existing product/solution easier to use and address your precise requirements.

VectraSoft recommends you numerous options of software integration and customization:

  • Integration and customization of open source software;
  • Integration and customization of commercial software;
  • Customization and upgrade of software that you already use.

The key advantage of customizing a software product to your meticulous needs is that the time/cost of the whole service are much shorter than the actual time/cost required if developed from scratch.

Legacy systems reengineering

In case your application is written using outdated technologies which prevent it to work effectively and have less interoperability with other software applications then VectraSoft is the right choice to reengineer it. VectraSoft possesses essential knowledge and experience to reengineer legacy applications or systems to current standards by rewriting them in more suitable languages which adhere to the latest environment. The look and feel of the reengineered software may slightly change; on the other hand, it can have new features, be more functional, well-organized, productive, easier and cheaper to use and maintain, etc.

Software technical support and maintenance

VectraSoft offers technical support and maintenance of your software no matter if this software has been developed by VectraSoft, another software development company or purchased somewhere else. Established processes and modern tools enable VectraSoft to provide high quality and timely technical support round the clock without significant interruptions of your work.

Mobile Apps Development

VectraSoft offers highly reliable, interactive and well designed mobile phone application development services. Our team has proven track record of developing cell phone applications on variety of platforms using latest technology tools. Ranging from simple alert applications to complete portfolio management we are covering all types of applications running on the latest mobile devices available.

Currently, VectraSoft provides mobile application development services for the following platforms/languages:

Development Platform

Programming Language

  • J2Me
  • Java
  • .NET CE
  • C#,VB.NET
  • Android
  • Java
  • BlackBerry
  • Objective C
  • iPhone
  • Action Script
  • Flash Lite
  • C,C++
  • BREW
  • C, C++, Pascal
  • Pocket PC
  • Python
  • Palm OS
  • Object Pascal
  • Python
  • Lazarus
  • C++
  • MS Smartphone
  • Microbrowser
  • Symbian

VectraSoft specializes in flash designing and development with a highly skilled and experienced flash designers backed by proficient flash/action script programmers. A well designed flash application contains animations, sounds, visual effects and video etc. which create ever lasting impression to the viewer.VectraSoft specializes in flash designing and development with a highly skilled and experienced flash designers backed by proficient flash/action script programmers. A well designed flash application contains animations, sounds, visual effects and video etc. which create ever lasting impression to the viewer.Flash Designing & Development

VectraSoft provides flash designing & development services covering following areas:

  • Flash Interactive Websites
  • Flash Interactive Games
  • Flash Interactive Applications
  • Flash Banners
  • Flash Intro
  • Flash 2D/3D Animations

Web Designing & Development

VectraSoft web design and development expertise goes far away from simple html, Flash, or graphics design. Our expert professionals are not only able to design appealing pages for your website but also flawlessly integrate your website with back-end systems/shopping carts/content management systems etc. With us you can now use the Internet to its complete potential without investing thousands, or millions, of dollars to create the desired skills in house.

At VectraSoft, we recognize that our core strength lie in designing smart interfaces for interactive website and web based applications. At VectraSoft we rely on our rich sympathetic of the Internet to offer designs that are both artistic in plea and better in presentation. We can provide custom designs for backgrounds, buttons, navigation bars, graphics, animations and images which combines together to form a unique layout in order to give your business a dazzling web presence.

VectraSoft provides web design and development services in the following areas:

  • Dynamic Websites
  • E-commerce
  • Database Driven Websites
  • Static HTML Websites

Graphics Designing

Our team of graphics design is skilled with the state of the art technologies and tools. Our custom graphics design services improve your presentation, visibility, and product collision. It also lends a dynamic, interactive and visually appealing experience to your customers by providing a sight of your consideration process, offers and attitude. Our solutions have the power to accurately and quickly convey your thought and communication pattern in a compelling and engaging fashion. The intrinsic benefit of these solutions is that they have a high recall worth, create a lasting impression and capture a superior mind share.

VectraSoft provides following graphics designing services:

  • Business Identity Kit
  • Business Presentations
  • Product List
  • Product Demos
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Tours
  • Real Time Demo/Illustration
  • Miscellaneous Visual Solutions

HaR (Hire a Resource)

In case you are not just interested in one project but want to have your own independent offshore team. In addition if you want to be sure that those people possess exact knowledge, skills, expertise and experience required for your projects and like to utilize their full time services then you are on the right place. We can assist you to form an exclusive team who can dedicatedly assign to your tasks and you can manage them from your office. VectraSoft accents the team building process as one of its key success factors. See below general step by step team building process:

Step 1 – Gathering Requirements

Receiving complete detailed requirements from a client (a client fills in our Requirement questionnaire).

Step 2 – Match Suitable Candidate

According to the received requirements we start searching the most suitable candidates. We use our own business connections; we look for best specialists in our IT pool as well as can cooperate with other IT companies and Personnel Recruitment agencies.

Step 3 – Interview and Testing

First we study the experience and qualification of the found professionals, and then test the most suitable candidates according to the set up requirements. If test results are satisfactory then we interview candidate further to ensure high quality and best suitability.

Step 4 – Live Client Interaction/Assessment

If the applicant gets our approval and validation, we organize his/her online interview (or testing) with the you so that you could judge the abilities of the employee and decide on his suitability by yourself.

Step 5 – Build Team

Upon complete satisfaction, we form the team as per your requirements. The team can also be sent on a business trip to your office/location for training etc. if needed. If there is no such requirement then team will start working on a development project and we will setup an appropriate working environment for them.

Hardware Supplies

With over 15 years experience in computer hardware supplies, maintenance and repair our team has leading experts in this ever growing industry.
With this vast portfolio at our disposal we offer an unrivalled service in hardware supplies, maintenance, consultation,repairs and after service.

Computer Networking

VectraSoft Computer and Network Service engnineers offer you the infrastructure and hardware to increase your IT capabilities for the foreseeable future.We pride ourselves in giving the maximum computer and network service support available in the industry. We offer fast and customized support which guarantee smooth operation and integration of information technologies into your business.

VectraSoft provide professional networking services including:

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Network Design
  • Computer Network Installation
  • Computer Network Service
  • Wired Networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • Networking Security

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