Can Social Media contribute to SEO?

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Social Media websites are the tools which are accessible by every individual of every age. In a very less span of time Social Media has taken over the charge as the core tool for many businesses, ranging from small to large enterprises. If we start evaluating social media, we can come across through a number of benefits, we can make via these social media sites.



One of the biggest and productive advantage which I ever found as given by social media is that social media can result in a great assistance towards building a better identity and position of a website in search engines i.e. Social Media can heavily contribute in SEO of a website.


Let’s take a quick helicopter view of the positive outcomes that can be attained or made by effective utilization of this helpful and handy tool.


Social Media- Direct communication between Marketer and Consumer

Unlike orthodox and conventional marketing practices, social media provide marketers a more convenient platform of marketing business with effectiveness and guaranteed customer response. It is as helpful for a customer as it is for the marketer. Social media unquestionably plays the role of a smooth bridge of communication without the barriers and obstacles between a customer and marketer.


Social Media- A virtual showroom of your Products/Services

The cost effective practices are primarily anchored by the marketers for making bigger profits in least input of cost. Social media is a place where you can showcase all the details; pictures, reviews, feedback, new arrivals and many more with free of cost and a good accessibility and view ability.


Social Media- Handy tool for Effective SEO

Social Media can definitely be used as a major tool of SEO by the SEO experts. Wondering how? That’s quite simple and easy to comprehend.


Google Plus

As a matter of fact, Google has its own social media platform the Google Plus which is an open treasure for all the SEO experts only if they know how to make the optimum use of it. Post the blogs anywhere but make sure you get maximum shares on Google Plus. This will effect greatly in your ranking at the search engine.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Don’t just rely on a single platform; others can be very helpful too. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and other famous social media sites can be used as an SEO tool as well. Use these sites as back linking of your primary website. This can bring a huge numbers of visitors to your website in a speed. But be cautious enough while doing this because link bombardment might be labeled as SPAM.


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