Speed on the Go – Fast and Furious 6

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The boom of Fast and Furious movie series is already been captured in the hearts of action lovers. Excitement is all over the crowd as hardly a couple of days remaining for the release of extremely awaited sequel of the movie, The Fast 6. This is the sixth investment on a successful movie which is expected to be a big hit on the big screen.

The movie is directed by Justin Lin while produced by Neal H Mortiz and none other than Vin Diesel who has been the lead action actor of the series. Vin Diesel is the God of action for many people and has a huge fan following. Well, like every other sequel of the movie the action is plotted to be carried in cars and racing specifically. Various stunts and speedy action creates excitement in the audience and adds creativity to the action.

fast and furious 6

The excitement for the Fast and Furious

The bigger excitement for the Fast and Furious lovers happens to come in a state here where the news of the Fast and Furious Video Game gets announced to be released in May, 2013. An exciting car racing game is about to put the curtains down. It is said, that the game will be based on the story of Fast Six having linkage with that of Fast Five as well. Now that sounds even cooler to the crowd, getting two surprises in a single month. The game is developed by the Firebrand Games and will have its compatibility on Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.


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