Siri Vs Google Now: A Cold War

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Apple Siri vs google now

Apple and Google had always been in a state of cold war. Apple’s Siri technology was a new bee in the market, gaining recognition and fame but Google with the pause, introduced Google Now as a counter act. Siri was just standing on one pillar, Voice Recognition. Google surveyed and research on Siri in order to launch a technology in the industry which will freeze Apple’s Siri.

Launch of Google Now, lowered the value of Siri to a great extent. Google Now contained something which could be said more than a Voice Recognition. Google Map was implemented and artificial intelligence of Google Now was of higher degree as compared to Siri. Among many features of Google Now, transit, flights, events, places, traffic and weather are some attracted features introduced in the market. Google Now will tell you the shortest way out from your home to your destination and will inform you prior to leaving your home about a traffic jam. Before the advent of IOS 6, Google Now had the power on Voice Recognition but Apple boomed in after a time with improved Siri technology which will misunderstand the commands less and will work more efficiently as compared to Google’s Voice Recognition in Google Now.

new Google now

This war will continue with no weapons in hand but only the weapons of technology with sharpen edges of innovation and efficiency.


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