Top 5 Tech Gadgets to Support Learning at Home and in School

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Learning from home can be fun because it means you get to spend time with your parents. It helps the parent to regain the bond that started to loosen as the child grew into his or her teens. This is just so long as the learning from home is only a supplement to going to a real school and is not a home schooling regiment. You would be surprised at how helpful three forty minute sessions at home may be per week after your child comes home from school. It may seem unfair in the short term, but you will start to see results in the long term.

top 5 gadgets

1. A scientific calculator

If your child is in high school, then you will probably need to buy one of these. It is a tool that is used by math and science students and is often a big part of their higher learning skills. It is good that they learn how to use one in high school so that they may use it more comfortably in higher education. They are very sophisticated too and have a lot of functions that a child may use in the classroom. You may use it with your child when you and your child are working on his or her homework, or for if you are teaching your child a few mathematical concepts. They are not very cheap, but high schools often have places where you can buy them cheaply enough.

2. A tablet that allows you to draw on it

Have a look at the DVD extras on your South Park DVDs and you will see that the animators use big tablet devices that they draw on with their pens and it comes out on the screen as they do it. This is better than using pens on electronic pads as you can see exactly what impact the nib of your electronic pen is having on the image you are creating. It makes it a lot easier for your child to create things such as mind maps and other graphical representations. You will also find that as your child grows older, then it can be used for more impressive things such as animating and graphic design. A copywriter may use it, or an artist. Your child may even design a website on it if you show him or her how to do it.

3. A digital projector

They are still pretty pricey little tools, but they are far better than a black or a white board when it comes to keeping the attention of the people you are trying to teach. They are great because you can show movies on them too, so when you are finished running through your PowerPoint displays and explaining everything, you can put on a movie. Plus, if your child is studying a certain book, then you can buy that book as the movie and allow them to watch it. You can watch it too and point out the points that are not historically accurate, or point out the bits where the movie has deviated from the text in the book. They are great learning tools and work as entertainment items too, so that you really get your money’s worth out of them.

4. A desktop PC (or a laptop)

It is less well known as a gadget these days and is more well known as a must-have item. It is as commonly seen in homes as a TV or cooker is. It is a very good learning tool and all round entertainment tool. If you opt for a PC instead of a laptop, then it will last longer. Little things like your kid spilling OJ all over the keyboard is not a big deal, plus you can place the PC monitor at different positions when it is used so that it does not hurt your child’s eyes by being too close or too far away too often. It can connect to the Internet, support a lot of complex hardware, it has a massive memory compared to laptops and tablets, and is suitable for programming, touch typing, making PowerPoint displays, etc.

5. Tablet devices and flash cards

A tablet device such as an Android, Apple or Windows device is quite suitable, as those operating systems have lots of apps available for them. You can use the apps to build a collection of flashcards which then pop up randomly. It helps students to learn key concepts and facts. You should also consider e-reader tablets too. It is sad that paper based books are being replaced by electronic books, but this is the future that we live in, so we had better make the best of it and just get on with it.

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