Upcoming Mobile Apps Which Everyone Should Have

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Thanks to technology as well as the innovation and creativity of developers the market is flooded with numerous apps which a person can use on their phone. It seems like this journey is not yet over as there are some new apps that you are supposed to expect in the near future. This will most probably be more practical or better than the existing ones because the developers want to attract users to them and have to convince them that they need to buy or download them. Some of the upcoming apps that everyone needs to have on their phone include:

Clip it

This is a combination of YouTube and Pinterest which allows the user to round up all their favourite videos and pin them on a board. This way, they can access them anytime with ease. At first this will be targeted to sports lovers who would like to save some of their favourite highlights and share them within their circles.

O.R. Not

This is known as Obscene Recognition Not. It can be described as an algorithm that will be used to recognize any photos with pictures that have use of obscene gestures, drugs and alcohol. This will automatically tag so that the photo can be removed from social networking sites if a person wishes this to happen. The main target for this app is college and high school students who do not want to appear in drunken party photos. This will most probably work with Photoshop so that it can erase all the offensive images from the pictures.

Smart Cart

This app can be used when a person is watching television. It is designed to help people purchase the items that they would like to have as soon as they see the advertisements. This will be a simple process where a person will use the remote control which will provide a drop down menu to display the price of the item as well as all the other important details that a person should know about the sale. In addition to this, it will also help to compare prices from various stores so that a person can know the best place to purchase it from.


This is one of the health apps that will most likely be very popular on the market. A person will be required to take a pill that comes with an embedded microchip. This will be used to track the nutrients in the body as well as the heart rate and body temperature. It will have to be combined with a healthy drink that is filled with proteins and fibre. This will also be used to monitor some bodily functions to ensure that everything is in place.


The sandy mobile app will be designed to protect your smartphone. It will be a voice activated device that keeps the phone out of sand, sun and surf. It will be hands free and the user can communicate with it to take photos and upload them on preferred sites and call the person who you wish to talk to.

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