Peace? Nah, War is good!

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How many of you would prefer war over peace? Well, I think nobody actually loves war. But in this blog I will talk you about some war freaks who actually love to fight, kill and shed blood all around. Don’t worry; I am not being pessimistic or pro violence I am just talking about the Action Gamers.


According to a statistics over 65% of the addict gamers have indulged themselves in games having extreme action in them. And recently it has also been discovered that not only do boys love such sort of games, even girls are shifting their interests in war games too. Let us specify the reasons which cause people to play these violent and furious games.

I just Love War!

People probably find themselves interested in these enraged games for releasing their anger and practice the feeling of rage in fiction yet leaving the satisfaction for real. Along with this some people love action games for the extreme competition they get through them. Competition is not less in other categories of game but it gets even compelling when you have an opponent to beat and harm with actual stunts shedding the blood away.

Games in 90s


Some of the traditional games which have always created excitement with wrath  for people and still are one of the most wanted games include Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Street of Rage, WWE Wrestling and many more. These games for more than the last 25 years have been the children’s most favorite fighting games. Smashing each other’s face, kicking hard on the legs, lifting and throwing to the wall are the most favorite stunts of the players.

Graphics Development- An important ingredient


The enthusiasm and battle becomes even fierce when graphics and animations are perfectly embedded in the game interface. Today’s gamers are more attracted by the true graphics and real movements. Even the joysticks and joy pads are out of the trend. Games are available with virtual controllers i.e. you move your body, punch in the air and kick the opponent virtually. These real time body actions have become the game controller for today’s PSPs and Nintendo.

Best Mobile Action Games

Some of the most wanted fighting games of today are:

  • Need for Speed
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Guncrafter
  • Zombie Evil
  • Gun Zombie
  • World War

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