Let the competition begin- Windows Vs Android

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An Overview

Well this is one of the toughest question that who is superior, Windows or Android? In my point of view, Android is better than Windows in any way that has new technology with best features so you can surely trust Android.  Android started its trip approximately 3 or 4 years before. It was installed in a lot of smartphones in the start. And when people started to utilize more of smartphones based on android, Google commenced to promote android thereby liberating more and more version and apps.



A special version named android 3.0 honeycomb was also released especially created for tablets.  It’s all very well being able to download the big hitters such as Twitter, Facebook, Angry Birds and BBC iPlayer that is because of Android. Now upcoming to Windows which was designed by Microsoft was first installed in Nokia Lumia and other Samsung phones like Omnia W. but for beginners and for those who are not expertise find it difficult using Windows because its user interface is complicated, whereas of Android is very friendly user  interface because it has the best control and settings options!

Android takes the points away!

Android has better features than the Windows that makes a phone the best! Other than this, Android has abundant apps and that are free of cost you get from Google play store. On the whole Android rules the roost now and will surely for a long time as people are used to it, and its customization, plus it works on low end devices, and it will always be cheaper which everyone can easily afford. Since windows have been launched freshly, it has much minor apps in its market. And we can get many of the paid android apps for free in a market called blackmart.

So, now it’s your time to think that which one would you select Android or Windows?

windows and android

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